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  1. Project title: Identification and characterization of cancer stem cell heterogeneity in head and neck cancer patient and their response to chemotherapy and radiation: A prospective study. Funding Agency: ICMR. Duration: 2022 ongoing (3 years). Grant Rs. 64 lakhs.
  2. Project Title : A multi-scale approach to Combat the Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Resistance through PPEF a known bacterial Topoisomerase Inhibitor DBT-BIRAC: 779.92 Lakhs, Duration: 2019-22.
  3. Project Title: DMA, A Bisbenzimidazole to take it to Early Phase trials as a Radiomodulator to Normal Cells for Cancer Radiotherapy in Patients. ICMR approved funding to INTOX Pvt. Ltd., Pune : 1.6 Crores and Eurofin Advinus Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore: 95 lakhs for GMP grade synthesis of DMA followed by IND enabling studies.


  1. Project Title: Antisense oligonucleotides as chemotherapeutic agents: Physico-Chemical and Biological Studies (PI) Funding Agency: DST. Amount: 8 Lakhs. Duration: 2001 –03.

  2. Project Title: Synthesis of Oxandrolone, Funding Agency: Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Jordan. Amount: $ 15000. Duration: 2002–03.

  3. Project Title: Inhibition of HIV-1 replication: Design, synthesis and characterization of small molecule libraries. (Co–PI) Funding Agency: UGC. Amount: 9.5 Lakhs. Duration: 2004 –07.

  4. Project Title: Structure activity relationship studies of marine natural products – Apratoxins, (PI) Funding Agency: UGC. Amount: 4.6 Lakhs. Duration: 2004–07.

  5. Project Title: Drug target validation and anti-infective development for HIV/AIDS and associated infections, Funding Agency: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) under the Asian-Swedish Research Partnership Programme. Amount: Total 324 000 SEK. Duration: 20052007.

  6. Project Title: Nutritional and hypoglycemic effect of fruit pulp and leaves of Annona squamosa. Funding Agency: ICMR. Amount: 4.76 Lakhs. Duration: 2002 –2005.

  7. Project Title: Identification and characterization of antidiabetic compounds from Annona squamosa and Ocimum sanctum. Funding Agency: ICMR. Amount: 11.50 Lakhs. Duration: 2005 –08.

  8. Project Title: Synthesis and characterization of DNA minor groove binding ligands for biological applications. Funding Agency: INMAS, DRDO. Amount: 11.20 Lakhs. Duration: 2005 –08.

  9. Project Title: Investigation of biologically active systems’ characteristics using the probes showing proton transfer & electron transfer behaviours: Synthesis and photophysics Funding Agency: DST. Amount: 25 Lakhs. Duration: 2005 –2008.

  10. Project Title: Radioprotectors against radiation-induced damage in normal cells during radiotherapy in cancer: Development and molecular mechanism study. Funding Agency: DST Amount: Rs.23 Lakhs. Duration: 2005–09.

  11. Project Title: Investigating the molecular mechanism of action of non-toxic radioprotectors. Funding Agency: DBT. Amount: 41.50 Lakhs + Overhead. Duration: 2005-09.

  12. Project Title: DNA Topoisomerase I – Design, synthesis and characterization of novel benzimidazoles and insight into mechanism of selective inhibition of bacterial Topoisomerase I by these molecules. Funding Agency: CSIR. Amount 25 Lakhs. Duration: 2009–12.

  13. Project Title: Synthesis and characterization of modified peptide nucleic acid having pyrazolo(3, 4-d) pyrimidine as base analogues and its antisense effect (PNA) on dimerization and translational frameshifting of HIV-1. Funding Agency: UGC. Amount:11.65 Lakhs. Duration: 2009 –12.

  14. Project Title: Design and synthesis of new class of DNA intercalating agent under PURSE scheme. Funding Agency : Delhi University.Amount;28.7 lakhs. Duration: 2009 – 12. (Co –Investigator).

  15. International Collaborative Project: Indo South Africa INT/SAFR/P (2/2011)03/10–2011) Design synthesis and evaluation of 1,2– dihydro isoquinolines as HIV integrase inhibitors. Funding Agency: DST, India. & South Africa jointly. Amount:8 lakhs, PIs are from: University of Delhi and Johannesburg Medical School. Duration: 2011–13.

  16. Project Title: International collaborative Project: Indo German Project; Validation and testing of DNA binding ligands as radiomodulator in human cells. PIs from University of Delhi & Essen Medical School, University of Duisburg, Essen, Germany. Duration:2011-13.

  17. Project Title: Development of bisbenzimidazole as E. coli topoisomerase inhibitor: Funding Agency: CSIR. Amount; 25 lakhs. Duration: 2012 –15.

  18. Project Title: Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel indole and 2,3–dihydro-1H-indenederivativesinthesearchofpotentHIV-1integrase inhibitors. Funding Agency: DST. Amount: 55.00 Lakhs, Duration:2013 –16.

  19. Project Title: Design and synthesis of a library of heterocyclic compounds and their biological evaluation as antibacterial agents with special references to topoisomerase inhibitors. Funding Agency: UGC. Amount: 12 Lakhs, Duration: 2014–16.

  20. Project Title: DMA, Benzimidazole as a Radiomodulator/Radioprotector to normal Cell for Cancer Radiotherapy, Funding Agency : BIRAC- PACE . Duration 12 months, 48.21 lakhs. 2019-20.
  21. Project Title: A novel approach to study the genomic and functional effect of bisbenzimidazoles: in accordance to develop broad- spectrum antibacterial effect. Funding Agency: DST-SERB (EMR/2017/000454). Duration: 2018-2021; Rs.50Lakhs.

  22. Project Title:“Development of single-cell derived clonal Spheroids as a tool for drug discovery in cancer research”. Funding Agency: DST LetterNo.VI- D&P/546/2016-17/TDT.(G)under Drug Pharma Research Project(DPRP) Duration: 2018-2021; Grant Rs. 5.85 lakhs. (Co–PI).

  23. Project Title: Investigation of effect of bisbenzimidazole on bacterial population dynamics: In accordance to develop broad spectrum antibacterial agent. Funding Agency: DBT (BT/PR20794/MED/29/1057/2016). Duration: 2017 – 2019; Grant Rs. 80 Lakhs.

  24. Project Title: Development of point-of-care kit for rapid detection of bacterial antimicrobial resistance and prescription of appropriate therapy. Funding Agency: UPE-II grant(UPE-II/IG/16-17). Duration:2017–2018;Grant Rs. 5Lakhs.

  25. Project Title: Development of agents for tuberculosis therapy and mechanistic elucidation through genomics and proteomics. Funding Agency: UPE-II grant. Duration: 2014 – 2019. Grant Rs.11 Lakhs.