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Our Lab

We are studying the interface of Chemistry & Biology, leading to Translational research. We are developing small molecules as drug against Cancer, and Cancer Radiotherapy, Bacterial infection, and HIV-1 infection. We are exploring new class of Antimicrobials Targeting Topoisomerse IA to combat antibiotic resistance. For developing a new class of antimicrobials discovery of unique and novel targets are needed. One attractive strategy is to develop ligands that selectively target microbial DNA over host DNA. Our laboratory for the first time reported bisbenzimidazoles (BBZ) as bacterial type IA topoisomerase inhibitors, which exhibits potentiality for new antibacterial agents. We are identifying diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in tobacco chewing Head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) using RNA sequencing from single cell and single cell spheroids. The two major projects in our laboratory are drug development against Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial strains and the development of Radioprotectors and Radiomitigators for radiation therapy of cancer patients